Publications by Arthur N. Read, General Counsel

Protecting Worker Rights in the Context of Immigration Reform
Article in the Journal of Law and Social Change by General Counsel Arthur N. Read.
JLSC Article 2006.pdf
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Let the Flowers Bloom and Protect the Workers Too
A Strategic Approach Toward Addressing the Marginalization of Agricultural Workers 6 U. Pa. J. Lab. & Emp. L. 525 (Spring 2004).
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Guest Worker Programs: Impact on the American Workforce and U.S. Immigration Policy
Written Testimony for the House Committee On Education and the Workforce (Aug. 9, 2006)
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Limited English Proficient (LEP) Litigants
Public Hearing Transcripts: Pennsylvania Supreme Court Committee On Racial and Gender Bias in the Justice System, Philadelphia (December 6, 2000).
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Learning From the Past: Designing Effective Worker Protections for Comprehensive Immigration Reform
(Spring 2007)
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“Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law by Non-Attorneys and Unauthorized Practice of Law Generally by Notaries Public”
Pennsylvania Bar Association Unauthorized Practice of Law (UPL) Committee Formal Opinion 2006-01 (November 2006). Written for PBA UPL Committee by Arthur N. Read.
PA BAR UPL Atricle.pdf
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