From Friends of Farmworkers to Justice at Work: Sharing Why


What is our new name and tagline?


We are changing our name from Friends of Farmworkers to Justice at Work. Along with the new name, we have a new tagline: Free legal aid, community education, and advocacy for workers.


Why did we change our name?


Our organization has expanded in many exciting new ways, and we felt that the name Friends of Farmworkers did not do justice to all of the clients we serve. We provide legal aid not only to immigrant and migrant farmworkers, but also to low-wage workers across industries.


We’re confident that our new name and tag line will make it easier for our clients and grant-makers to better understand the full scope of the work that we do.


What is new about our logo?


After extensive research and work with design partners, we found that the image in our original logo, with the woman picking fruit, resonated the most with our mission and vision. So rather than pick an entirely new logo, we’ve updated the old image to make it simpler to understand and to print.


Is our organization any different than before?


Our work and values remain the same! Instead, our new name and tag line now reflect the work that we’ve been doing for many years.


What was the process for changing the name?


Our new name is the result of months of research and discussion among the Board of Directors, our Staff, our Community Partners and our Design Partners. We all agreed that any name should:

  • Not be limiting in terms of future work
  • Be brief to ensure ease of use across applications
  • Be visually and verbally appealing, free of improper associations or negative connotations in both English and Spanish
  • Be appropriate to the nonprofit space in which we work
  • Be easy to pronounce and spell
  • Be available
  • Accurately evoke our work and our values

Ultimately, Justice at Work fit these criteria, and felt the most like “us”!