Who We Serve

We provide direct legal services to:

  • Low wage immigrant workers throughout the state of Pennsylvania, with focus on farmworkers, mushroom workers, food processing workers and landscapers; and
  • Income-eligible groups or organizations, where individuals members are eligible clients.

We also provide community education, training and technical assistance to:

  • Social Service Providers
  • Legal Service Providers
  • Private Lawyers
  • Policymakers

Income guidelines: Generally we serve those whose income is at or below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines. We serve Pennsylvania residents or migrant workers who have been employed in Pennsylvania.


Other eligibility guidelines: We help workers from any industry, but we prioritize providing representation for migrant farmworkers, mushroom workers, and food processing workers who have employment-related claims or claims related to the client’s status as a farmworker. 


Special note:


We are able to represent workers regardless of immigration status because we have chosen not receive Legal Services Corporation (LSC) funding.  Organizations that receive LSC funding are only able to represent certain categories of undocumented workers, and they are unable to engage in legislative and administrative advocacy. They are also precluded from bringing any class action litigation.



We are also able to represent organizations whose members are eligible clients if the organization does not otherwise have resources for representation.