The Promotora Program


This year, JAW began developing a pilot cohort of workplace-focused promotoras— a group of highly trained community leaders equipped to provide education and support to their peers who experience workplace abuses and violence. We began by selecting four incredible women from Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks counties who were committed to building their knowledge base about workplace rights so that they could serve as a resource on these issues within their own communities. For the past year, members of our staff have been meeting monthly with the new promotoras to build their capacity in various topic areas and hone their presentation skills. The promotoras have been trained on a range of topics they identified as priorities, including workers’ rights, sexual harassment, housing rights, and mental health.  At the beginning of next year, they will begin to work together to conduct culturally-specific outreach to their own communities and provide support to individual survivors. We are incredibly proud of the team that has been developing and implementing this project, the work they have put into this program, and the service they will provide to their communities in 2020 and beyond.