South Jersey Community Education Project

In response to repeated requests from community members, Friends of Farmworkers is currently hosting a community education project designed to provide vital information to vastly under-served immigrant communities in South Jersey. The project is the brainchild of Diana Luna, our legal assistant, and Evy Tolentino, a volunteer. Below is a message from Diana and Evy. Please consider donating to support them.

Hi Everyone! 


Our names are Evy Tolentino and Diana Luna, and we hail from immigrant and farmworker communities in South Jersey. Evy is a senior Sociology major at Rowan University. Diana is a legal assistant at Friends of Farmworkers in Philadelphia.


We have decided to come together at this crucial time to carry out a series of “Know-Your-Rights/Deportation Defense” presentations throughout South Jersey. Friends of Farmworkers has kindly agreed to

help us collect funds so we can cover the cost of doing this work. We need YOUR help to make this work possible!


The South Jersey communities that we live and work in are home to large and vibrant immigrant groups. While our immigrant communities in South Jersey show no signs of waning, the immigrant advocacy organizations and local groups that offer services to this population are few and far between. In light of the punitive immigration-related Executive Orders of the last few weeks that will sweep more people into the deportation and detention system, we have decided to address this void in information and services in our communities head-on. 


Through our KYR/Deportation Defense presentations we aim to 1) Empower participants with information about their rights when encountering law enforcement; and 2) Provide participants with referrals to trustworthy legal service providers who can provide immigration consultations and services.


We hope you will consider helping us "show up" for our South Jersey immigrant communities. Please know that your contribution will make a difference! Since the beginning of February, we have conducted eight presentations and reached 800 individuals and families! Given the demonstrated interest in this information, we are currently in the process of responding to requests for future presentations.


We are both committed to doing this work for as long as our South Jersey immigrant communities will have us. The donations accumulated through this page will go exclusively to the following items: 

  • Printed Materials 
  • A projector for presentations 
  • Office supplies, such as pens and paper
  • Beverages and snacks for our presentations 
  • Travel costs
  • Staff time 

Any remaining funds will be used to support immigrant advocacy work in our area. Please note that because Friends of Farmworkers is hosting this project any donations you make are tax-deductible.


Now more than ever we need to stand in solidarity with our immigrant brothers and sisters!


THANK YOU all in advance for your support!


En la lucha,


Evy and Diana 


Please type "South Jersey" in the "Write a note" box provided to you by PayPal to specify that your donation goes towards this community education project.