We support low-wage workers as they pursue economic and social justice. We do this through the provision of Legal Services, Education, and Advocacy.


We advance our mission by providing free legal representation on employment-related issues to eligible workers. We also provide community education on legal rights for migrant and immigrant workers throughout the Commonwealth.


We serve communities of workers that include workers in industries that rely heavily on seasonal foreign guestworkers brought in under H-2B visas, who often return to work for the same Pennsylvania employers year after year. We also provide legal assistance to income eligible worker organizations.


For over 30 years, FOF has provided direct legal assistance to thousands of individuals and improved the living and working conditions of a much larger number through advocacy and impact litigation, including representation of groups of workers and class action litigation.

Looking for help?


Whether you're a low wage immigrant working in Pennsylvania, one of our state's many social or legal service agencies, a member of the private bar or even if you have more policy-focused needs, we are eager to learn how we can best assist you. Please call or email us today!


We generally accept calls about new cases Monday - Friday from 9 AM - 6 PM.


Want to help? 


There are many ways to get involved:


Volunteer your time and talent


Learn about the issues and debates, and

Advocate for the rights of farmworkers and other low wage workers in your state